Track your stonks/crypto with GOOGLEFINANCE function in Google Sheets! 📈📈📈

I’ts been a great year for stock portfolios. If you’ve been trading in the market, or in crypto, heres a quick an easy way to track your portfolio value in Google sheets!

The trick here is to use the GOOGLEFINANCE function. The function takes the stock symbol and returns the current price of the stock by default! You can also use it to provide past prices and other attributes of the stock (for e.g. Beta values etc).

For stocks just pass in the stock ticker symbol – for e.g. MSFT for Microsoft or FB for Facebook. For cryptos find the symbol in Google finance and pass it in – Bitcoin is BTCUSD and Etherereum is ETHUSD.

Office 365 allows this with the Stocks data type – we’ll post about this in the future!