How to Freeze Panes in Excel!

Often you want to freeze a column or row in Excel and scroll the data. I play fantasy football and often I want freeze player names, and scroll to the right to view and compare their stats!

To do this easily, use the Freeze Panes feature in Excel!

For instance, lets say you have a lot of fantasy football data below (I got this from a csv on the web).

First, put your cursor to the right of the column you want to freeze and below the row you want to freeze.

In my case, I put it next to the column of player names and below the headings row.

Next hit Alt+W+F+F, or View->Freeze Panes ->Freeze Panes.

And Voila! You can now scroll to the right and your player names column will be frozen. Or scroll down and your headings will be frozen.

In conclusion, Freeze panes makes viewing lots of data much easy, especially when scrolling through it. Use this feature and now go conquer your next year FF leagues!